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New Zealand Birds Conservation Colouring Book
A 60 page colouring book of New Zealand Birds that aims to educate the child on conservation issues while enjoying the fun of colouring. The drawings are artistically rendered allowing for simple colouring methods or for those more advanced to attempt a true artwork quality image. Each bird has its habitat described with food sources, threats and more. There is also information on simple everyday things you can do to be a conservationist.
Product details:
60 pages
26 New Zealand Birds.
Habitats, food sources and threats described.
Things you can do to be a conservationist.
Fun and Educational
Book Size 205mm x 255mm
ISBN 978-1481932028

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Horror Movie Monsters
Colouring Book

With a focus on fun rather than scary, this colouring book brings you many of your favourite monsters from the horror movies, and a few new ones. Designed with original drawings by artist Albert David Sutton you will find the Zombie, Werewolf, Haunted House, Frankenstein's Monster and many more waiting for you inside.
34 pages
ISBN 978-1484037058

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Horror Movie Monsters Cut, Paste
and Colour Book

Create your own monster face by cutting and pasting from the large selection of different facial features. Choose alien eyes, a zombie nose and a vampire mouth or any other combination. Hundreds and hundreds of possible faces for you to design and colour. Bring to life your vampire or zombie with vivid colour after you have pasted your selected facial features. Also add from pages of tattoos, scratches and extras to complete a truely scary face. Hours of horror fun. View the tutorial on You Tube (search: monsters cut paste and colour) to see helpful advice on creating your monster.
Product details:
62 pages
Creativity and art
Book Size 8.5 x 11 inches
ISBN 978-1530217212

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I Am A Seed
Follow the journey of a single seed through his/her life to become a fully grown tree and to produce seeds of his/her own to begin the life cycle again. This book will stimulate your children's interest in the natural environment. They will experience the cycle of nature as to how trees and shrubs are formed and learn the importance of bees in pollination and birds in dispersal. Even the youngest child will look in more detail at the natural world around them.
Product details:
32 pages
Learn about nature
Ages 3-5 years
Things you can do to be a conservationist.
Fun and Educational
Book Size 140mm x 220mm
ISBN 978-1505250961

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