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Greek Mythology - Andromeda

Nude Painting
Three Hearts

Wood Pigeon drawing

Auckland City Art Gallery
2 Lorne Street,
Auckland City
ph: 09-307 7700

Auckland Museum
Domain Drive, Parnell,
ph: 09-309 0443

Te Papa Museum
55 Cable Street,
ph: 04-381 7000

Wellington Art Gallery
101 Wakefield St,
ph: 04-801 3021

97 Botany Road, Howick,
Auckland, New Zealand


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Home of professional quality art by A D Sutton. All artwork is original and inspired from sources as wide as the
New Zealand landscape to past Masters. Each work is composed using quality artist materials and paintings are finished with a protective varnish. Artwork may be purchased using the onsite Buy Now Paypal buttons or by contacting the artist directly.

Latest work completed:

fantasy landscape artwork
The Great Divide

Oil on Gesso on 6mm MDF
Framed 1100mm x 780mm

General Painting Techniques General Painting Tips
- Applying a Base Coat
- Choosing a Subject
- Colour
- Colour II
- Creating an Abstract
- Dealing with Critics
- Design
- Developing A Painting
- Developing A Style
- Fat Over Lean
- Hue, Tone & Intensity
- Perspective
- Ten Rules for Classical Painting

Landscape Painting Techniques

Painting Landscapes
- Aerial Perspective
- Composition
- Drawing Trees

Artist Painting Materials

Painting Materials
- Basic Colour Palette
- Basic Colours Continued
- Bristle Brushes
- MDF board
- Oil Paints
- The Camera
- Varnishing Artwork

Nude Painting Techniques

Painting Nudes
- Complexity of Form
- Portrait Drawing
- Public Reaction
- Skin Tone

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--- HARVENGER 1: The Angel of Death

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Set in Europe at the turn of the 17th century, a time when the world was stalked by Witch-finders, and where new and deadly weapons of war crushed bastions of stone that had stood for centuries. The story follows a young woman, Lauryl LeMont, who after the death of her parents must survive on her own. But her beauty and vulnerability are a target even for the most pious of men and she is soon catapulted into a struggle for her survival. Accused of witchcraft and murder she is sentenced to burn at the stake. But when Death arrives to claim her soul he finds that this woman awakens an emotion in him that his own once mortal soul had long forgotten, one that should never have been rekindled. Confused and curious the Grim Reaper decides to let the flame inside him burn. A decision that will change history and make Lauryl immortal.
Product details:
394 pages
ISBN 978-0473181369

Also available from:
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Book 2
The Empire of Death



The Motu Mob
Deer Hunting Yarns of
New Zealand



Impressions of
New Zealand

Adult Colouring Book


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